Light Activated
  Teeth Whitening
  for $129

We are now offering light
  activated teeth whitening!

  For $129 we provide you with a pre-filled
  whitening tray and a 30 minute session
  under our high powered L.E.D. lights for        
  teeth that are 2 - 8 shades whiter ..

At your teeth whitening session, we will first help you compare your teeth to the shade guide to help you see where you are starting.  You are then given our easily applied tray pre-filled with whitening gel.  The tray gently pushes your lips out of the way for maximum smile zone exposure to the whitening process.  Our whitening gel also has an additive to help prevent "zingers" for your added comfort.

After your 30 minute whitening session, we will again help you compare your new smile to our shade guide so you can see your results of 2 - 8 shades GUARANTEED!!

Please call for an appointment today!

   ReNue Laser Spa @ Park Place
               Jackson, TN